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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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How much is your RSVP service?
A. Your first 5 guest responses are free for testing purposes.  If you need additional credits they can be purchased through the Event Manager.

Q. How much does this Service cost?
A. Credits can be purchased in Event Manager once you have an account.  One Credit is used for each unique response. Below is our Account Pricing.
  • Plan1 - 5 Credits - $0.00
  • Plan2 - 50 Credits - $10.00
  • Plan3 - 100 Credits - $20.00
  • Plan4 - 250 Credits - $40.00
  • Plan5 - 500 Credits - $75.00
  • Plan6 - 2500 Credits - $150.00
  • Plan7 - 5000 Credits - $250.00
  • Plan8 - 10000 Credits - $400.00
More information can be found within Event Manager.  Signup an Account today!
Are you an Event Planner?  Click here.

Q. Is there a limit to how many people can respond to my event?
A. Yes. This limit would be determined by which Account you choose.

Q. I have a very large event, can your system handle it?
A. RSVP Me Now handles events as large as 10,000 responses which would be an average attenadance of 25,000 people.  We have custom solutions in place if your event is larger than this and you expect most people to RSVP on the same day the invitation is recevied.  Please contact us and we can further assist you.

Q. Can I send custom Email Invitations using your system?
A. Yes. Event Manager will allow you to create your own Custom HTML Email Invitation or choose from an existing template and send it to all your guests at one time using the click of a button.

Q. Can I send my own Email Invitation from my Email Account?
A. Yes, just email whoever you want and give them the link:
(replace 00000 with your unique rsvp id)
(replace 00000 with your unique rsvp id)

Q. Can I link from my WebSite to the RSVP Wizard?
A. Yes.  Place the link below on your personal or business website so people can respond.

<a href="">Click here to RSVP</a>
(replace 00000 with your unique rsvp id)

<a href="">Click here to RSVP</a>
(replace 00000 with your unique rsvp id)

Q. How often can I check and update my Guest Lists?
A. You can login to the Event Manager 24/7 and make any changes free of charge.

Q. How soon do I need to signup for the service before I can receive an RSVP?
A. Immediatly after the signup process you are ready to start receiving your responses.

Q. I have multiple Events do I need to signup an Account for each Event?
A. Yes. Each event will need a unique RSVP ID to seperate your responses.

Q. I am an Event Planner, can I manage all of my Accounts in one place?
A. Yes. Simply apply for an Event Planner Account at and you will be able to manage all your accounts easily from one location.

Q. If I have multiple accounts do I get a discount?
A. Yes. Please signup for an Event Planner Account as stated above and you will see the discount structure.

Q. How should I word my invitation?
A. Below is some examples:

     1) Please RSVP at id xxxxx
     2) We look forward to seeing you please RSVP at id xxxxx or call
     3) Kindly reply before September 16th 2017 at id xxxxx or call
     4) As you are part of our lives please be a part of our celebration.
     5) The courtesy of a reply has been requested.  Please RSVP at id xxxxx

What does RSVP stand for?
A. RSVP stands for a French phrase, "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which means "please reply."
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